Interview #1 – Jieyang

Hi everyone, in this interview we have a young swimmer from Johor Bahru. I got the chance to catch up with him and asked him some questions on swimming and his future. Enjoy 🙂

Watersports (WS) : Hi Jieyang, how are you?
Jieyang (J) : As I’m answering this, fine.

WS: You have been swimming for how long now?
J: Competitively, about four years.

WS: What is your daily training volume like, and what do you enjoy the most out of it?

J: I train about five to six kilometers each sessions and I enjoy the kicking and sprinting workouts.

WS: What is your favorite stroke and why?

J: Butterfly- I find it very challenging to swim, yet fun.

WS: What are your swimming goals for this year and next year?

J: To wish to represent Malaysia in next year’s SEA Age group.

WS: Thats great and hard work. And that would be for the butterfly event i suppose, 50m or 100m ?

J: I prefer the 100m butterfly- the 50m just ends too fast. And I’m more of a middle distance swimmer.

WS: Are you also preparing for next years SUKMA games and if yes what events are you going to take part in?

J: Yes I am. I’m most probably participating in the 200m Butterfly, 200m IM, 400m IM and the relays.

Jieyang just finished his open water race
Jieyang just finished his open water race

WS: You recently participated in an open water race (Kapas-Marang Swimathon) that was a 6.5km race, why did you decide to participate in that event and how was the whole experience?

J: I decided to participate because I thought it would be a good and fun experience. The whole experience was great, and I plan to do it again next year.

WS: Will you be doing it again next year?
J: Yes, I will.

WS: Cool. You got 2nd overall this year, thats very good for a 1st timer. Will you be aiming for a win or does a top3 finish suits you just fine for next year?

J: I have a feeling there will be a lot more better swimmers next year, so maintaining a top3 finish sounds good.

top 3
Top 3

WS: And how was your preparation for this event- was it what you had expected it would be?

J: I did not really have any strict preparations- I did attend an open water lesson, though.

WS: Are there any other sports that you are interested in, Or that is related to swimming? (open water swimming/triathlon/biathlon)

J: I’m kind of interested in water polo.

WS: Water polo is a cool sport, very sad that Johor doesn’t have a water polo team.

J: Yes it is- my friends and I were talking about it, we just don’t have enough people to make up a team.

WS: Would you continue swimming or sports in general after you finish school?

J: I hope so, if I have the time.

Fast facts

Age: Sixteen this December

Height: 178cm (I think)

Current coach: Othman

Current team/club/asso: JASA


WS: Any shout outs or you wanna add anything?

J: I just want to say hi to all my fellow swimmer friends in Malaysia, my family and coaches.

WS: Thanks for your time Jieyang. Wish you all the best with your training and future goals.

J: Thanks for the interview- it was fun.

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