Larkin Swimming Pool Status

The Swimming Pool Looks great and is 90% done. New roof all the roofs of the rooms on the third floor are repaired as well, and a new paint job looks very neat and modern.  Even though the pool has been closed for 5months now the water is still in very good condition.

Can’t wait for it to be re-opened.  See you guys next month.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for female swimming instructor for my gf. Kindly advise me which female instructor i can contact with.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Sir, do you have any ladies coach available? i would like to enroll my gf for swimming lessons.

  3. Hi, i would like to go for basic swimming lessons . Is there any contact no I could contact? In jb

  4. Hi pls email fees for adult swimming lessons. Any class available in jan next year? Thanks

  5. may i know any swimming lesson for 10 year old boy and 12 year old girl? how much is the fee ? thanks

  6. Saya nak bertanya tentang swimming lesson untuk kanak2 2setengah tahun dan saya. Berapa kos pembelajaran? Waktu pembelajaran? Tq

  7. Hai,
    I am saran age 29 looking for private swim class at jb.pls drop me the details via email.

  8. Hye, nak tanya ada tak swimming clas for adult? And female coach?

  9. Hai….may I know the fees for adult beginner. Female couch preferred .tq

  10. Qualified female swim coach with experience is wanted. Male coach need not apply.
    Have to teach me at my condo swim pool in Skudai Taman Tampoi lama. Willing to have 3 lessons every week until I can swim expected 10-12 lessons is enough.

    Interested parties please email me for contact.
    Willing to pay RM 100 per lesson for an hour.

    Must be able to converse either in English or Chinese for instructional purpose.

    Urgently needed.

  11. is the pool open already?

  12. May i know when it will be reopen again?

  13. How does it cost for swimming class for 10 years old & 9 years old boys? Can they have the class immediately

  14. Hi, Just want to know when will the larkin pool re-open back ?

  15. Hi, when the swimming pool will open? Thank you..

  16. Hi,
    I’m planning to send my son 9 years old for a swimming lesson. What is the fee charges? Venue for the lesson, how many classes and on which day?

  17. hello..
    is there any swimming lesson at larkin swimming pool for adult (private lesson) and how much for that such sessions? any contact or personel to refer with?

  18. Hi… I’m interested to enrol my two son (9yrs old) and (4yrs old) for swimming lesson at Larkin. Prefer Saturday class. I would like to know the fees, and how to register.


  19. Hi there, I would like to inquire swimming lesson for my baby 9 month plus? How much does it cost and how long the duration?

  20. Hi, saya nak tanya adakah swimming pool ini ada buka?

  21. Is Larkin Swimming pool open for public?

  22. Is the swimming pool ready? If not by when? Thks

  23. After SUKMA will it reopen

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