Interview #2 – Kimbeley Yap

Watersports had the opportunity to interview a remarkable national athlete; Kimbeley Yap, former national swimmer, former national triathlete and now national cyclist. This interview was done 2 weeks before the Laos SEA Games 2009 and sorry for posting it late. Enjoy……….

Kimberly Yap

Watersports(WS): Hi Kim, how are you?

Kimbeley Yap(Kim): Good thanks

WS: Congrats for making it to the SEA games(Again), this time around its cycling, how excited are you ?

Kim: Well unfortunately I would be missing this sea games as I had to undergo a spinal operation. It’s a long time injury and I don’t think could get back in shape in time for the games.

WS: Ouch, sorry to hear that.

Where are you from and where did you start your sporting career?

Kim: I’m born in Labuan but grew up in Miri, Sarawak. I consider myself a Sarawakian, and that is also where I started my sporting career.

WS: What age did you start swimming competitively ?

Kim: I started when I was 9yrs old.

WS: What was your favorite stroke at that time?

Kim: Actually I loved butterfly because it looks so graceful.

WS: And your favorite workout?

Kim: I enjoy heading to the gym.

WS: Did you knew early on that you had it to be a national athlete?

Kim: It was never my intension, I just do what I love to do and it brought me to where I am today.

WS: And and what age did you start representing Malaysia in swimming?

Kim: It has got to be age 12 if I’m not mistaken.

WS: What was it like to be representing Malaysia, was it hard work?

Kim: Of course it was hard work. But its also not a burden at all.

WS: How much volume per day/week did you put in. and was it tough to keep up with?

Kim: Well per day its like 10k, per week about 50k. At times it was tough, but as the saying goes “when the tough gets going, the going gets tougher!!”

WS: Did you had any injuries during your swimming days as a national swimmer?

Kim: Yes, I had shoulder problems.

WS: In 2005, if i am not mistaken, you started shifting towards triathlon, what and why did you make that decision to shift towards triathlon?

Kim: It actually started out with me doing the swim part in the relays. I had no idea what triathlon was, but every race felt like a festival to me. Slowly I got so interested cuz since young I had loved to cycle but never had the chance so I had Mr. Chan to talk my mum into letting me do this thing. And that was it, when I put my head into something it would be done.


WS: Was it tough your first tri and how was your preparation for your first tri was it what you expected it to be?

Kim: Yes it was very tough not knowing how to divide my energy. I walked n run during the run and it hurt so bad. But I finished 3rd overall, I was happy!! My dad brought me through the cycle course with a mountain bike a few weeks before my 1st tri and I had a very bad crash, my dad thought that’s it she will not go on a bicycle ever again but yet I got back on the bike and carried on.

WS: Once training regularly for tri what was you swim volume like compared to when you were swimming competitive?

Kim: I tried to keep up swimming everyday but cant cuz it was hard so I got into the pool 4 times a week max.

WS: You also had some injuries that i remember. What was that like and how did you cope with that ?

Kim: Being a swimmer, I had never had such big impact on my legs so I had gone through 4 shin splints to get my legs strong enough to run that mileage. People say swimmers cant run, the thing was I could run but the process was painful.

WS: Since there is no triathlon included in the SEA Games this time around. And you have changed to the cycling event, does that mean your done with Tri, or are you coming back anytime after the SEA games to do Tri again?

Kim: Because of some issues I would not go back into tri anymore.


WS: You had quiet some success at the big games representing Malaysia with triathlon

2005 SEA Games Gold, 2006 ASIA Games 7th and 2007 SEA Games Gold.

Now your back and representing Malaysia for cycling. Are you aiming again for a medal?

Kim: This year it was very rocky, it was like a roller coaster ride. But after winning the mini Olympics road time trial, I know I have the strength. What I need to do now is learn the tactics. It’s a very long learning process, but I love it. I do my best but 2012 London is my dream.




WS: What is your daily training volume like now, and what and what do you enjoy the most out of it?

Kim: Now its about 400-600km per week, and sometimes in the velodrome. I like to push myself to see how far I can go and most of all I get to see coastal places. Another thing is I LOVE SPEED!!

WS: Do you still swim a bit nowadays?

Kim: Yes I do. WS: cool

WS: Are there any other sports that you are interested in at the moment

Kim: I love to watch people dancing, one fine day I would love to do it too.


Fast facts:

Age: 24

Height: 164cm

Current coach: Fairoz

Current team/club/asso: Malaysian National Cycling Federation

sport hero: Lance Armstrong

Hobby: Shopping, movies, music.


Kim’s triathlon results at the big stage.

These are all Olympic Distance Triathlon races (swim 1.5km, Bike 40km, Run 10km)

a) SEA Games 2005 – 2:14:39 (Gold)
b) DOHA Asia Games – 2:10:07 – (7th) faster than any Malaysian Male Triathlete
c) SEA Games 2007 Korat – 2:12:14 (Gold) also faster than nearest Malaysian Male Triathlete



WS: Kim Thanks for your time was a pleasure interviewing you




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