Interview #4 – Rikigoro Shinozuka

Interview #4 – Rikigoro Shinozuka

We got in contact with this young and upcoming triathlete who is representing Malaysia in the Junior Elite category(16-19). He was more than happy to be interviewed.



Azhar (A):  Hi Riki How are you doing? I’m glad that I got this opportunity to get this interview with you.

Riki (R):  Hi coach Azhar I’m doing well thanks. I’m just as glad to have the opportunity of being interviewed!

A: Your name sounds so Japanese are your parents Japanese?

R: My mother Is Malaysia-Chinese and my Father is Japanese. I was however born and live in Malaysia all my life.

A:  You started as a swimmer/runner early on, when and where did you do you first triathlon?

R:  I completed my very first “Official” triathlon race in 2009 in Trikidz. However, before that I had tried one or two small school events.

A:   And how was that experience for you combining all 3 sports together?

R:  It was surprisingly wonderful! It was a whole new level finding a sport that combined different disciplines that just happened to be my favourite sports. I felt I could finally utilize all that I loved.

A:  You have been very consistent with your race results recently mostly top 3in the region(SEA) in your age group(junior elite)what are your goals for next year?

R: As I will still be in the Junior Elites for another good 2 years, I am working with consistency to move up into not only SEA ranked, but also well Asian ranked, and hopefully be competing in the Worlds as well.

A:  Recently there was a TT held in Malaysia for qualifications and there were certain standards set, for the swim and run, do think those standards were reasonable and achievable in the near future?

R:  To be honest those times set were of a standard not possible within a year. Definitely my goal though and it would take a huge lot of time, commitment and consistency to get up to this world standard.

A:  How was the ASTC/ITU development camp you attended recently?

R:  Though there were some glitches It was a great camp and I’m truly grateful for the times spent on it be all involved.

A:  Was it a valuable experience for you attending this camp and did you learn a lot?

R:   Definitely. I managed to take in a brain-full within the 3 days and they have helped me in my performance.

A:  Do you think there should be more camps like this in the future?

R:  YES!

A:  You are doing very well at the moment in Triathlon, and do you think other youngsters are looking up to you and see you as a role model?

R:  Being at the top end of the sport I feel the responsibility to keep a good sportsmanship and lead them in the correct path in being an athlete. They also play a huge motivator by showing their support!

A: Have had youngsters coming up to you and asking questions or wanna take pics with you?

R: Occasionally. And I always try to answer as best as a can and do whatever I can to help them.

A:  You think Triathlon should be included in SUKMA, and you think that would help get the sports some recognition in Malaysia that it so much deserves???

R:   Yes. I believe SUKMA would be a great way to grow the sport and raise its’ awareness. All states should be involved so we can grow a big strong team!

A: What is an average training week for you like?

R: I train between 15-22hrs a week. 

A: wow!!   What are your goals for the future?

R: To be winning Asian races and be ranked in the World Triathlon Series (WTS)



Age:  17 (soon to be 18)

Current Coach: Steve Lumley, Gary Choong (Cycling visor)

Hobby (besides triathlon): Painting, watching movies, anything outdoors

Club/Team/Association:  Team MET (Malaysia Elite Triathlon)

Fav Food:  I’ll eat anything and everything, but Pizzas will always have a place in my tummy

Fav drink:  Root bear! Or even better Root bear-float!

Sport hero: Javier Gomez, the Brownlee Brothers, Chris McCormack, Chrissie Wellington

Years doing Triathlon:  Almost 4 years

Past results: PD 2012- 2nd




A:  Any shout outs or anything you want to add or say about yourself?

R: Well I got to thank my family, friends, coaches, and sponsors for giving me all the support I need!

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