Educity Sports Complex Entrance

Welcome to EduCity Sports Complex located in Nusajaya, Johor. It is officially open to the public finally! all are welcome and come and enjoy the new facilities provided by EduCity Sports Complex.

Facilities: Football stadium with a running track, seating capacity 6,000.

Swimming Pool, 600 seating capacity. 8 lanes, length: 50m, depth: shallow end 135cm and 150cm. Deep end 200cm

Indoor-Stadium: seating capacity 1,500. Multi function court

Outdoor Facillities: 1 futsal court, 1 volleyball court, 3 tennis courts and a playground for children



EduCity Membership Information

Membership (1 year) Students Staff Corporate Public
Gold Membership Unlimited use of Swimming pool, Athletics track and Gym RM900.00 RM1020.00 RM1200.00 RM1250.00
Silver Membership Unlimited use of 2 options (swimming pool, Athletics Track and Gym) RM700.00 RM800.00 RM950.00 RM1000.00
Bronze Membership Unlimited use of 1 option, If you are dedicated to one sport this might be for you. (Swimming pool, Athletics Track and Gym) RM450.00 RM500.00 RM600.00 RM625.00


Educity ticket price per entry

Facility Students/ Consessions Public
Aquatic Center RM7.00 RM10.00
Running Track RM7.00 RM10.00
Fitness Classes RM7.00 RM10.00


EduCity Venue Hire Price List

Facility Public Member Duration
Outdoor Tennis Court RM30.00 Apply Discount 1 Hour
Outdoor Futsal Court RM60.00 Apply Discount 1 Hour
Outdoor Volleyball Court RM60.00 Apply Discount 1 Hour
Indoor Futsal RM80.00 Apply Discount 1 Hour
Indoor Basketball RM80.00 Apply Discount 1 Hour
Indoor Badminton RM20.00 Apply Discount 1 Hour
Stadium Football Pitch RM300.00RM400.00 (Night) Apply Discount 2 Hours


Aquatic Courses

No. Course Description Duration RM


Basic Swimming Course – Your first steps of learning how to swim will be taught with this course. Basic Water Confidence (pool entry, Bubbling, Floating, Sculling), Breaststroke and Front Crawl (Freestyle) 60 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Advance Swimming Course – Having gone through the Basic Swimming Course you are now ready to go to the next level with our Advance Swimming Course. Which will be focusing on Backstroke, Butterfly, Starts & Finishes and Turning. 60 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Stroke correction – This course will focus on swimmers who want to improve their swimming technique for all four strokes. 60 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Open water/Tri swimming – Open Water Swimming and Triathlons getting more and more popular in Malaysia with more events yearly. We provide training for that on a weekly basis. Aquatic Skills taught Mass Starts, Sighting, Turning and Drafting to name a few.Must be able to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke decently for at least 800m. 90 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Competitive Swimming/ Educity Swim TeamC-Team – 7-9 year oldsB-Team – 10-12 year oldsA-Team – 13-17 year oldsAll swimmers joining the swim team must be able to swim all four strokes.  90 minutes/ 3 x week 150.00


Masters Swimming (18 and above)– Weekly program designed for age groupers who want a good and fun swim session with a group. Some may go for competitions some may just want a good workout in a competitive way. Focus is on all strokes and distance will be anywhere from 1km to 2km per session. Must be able to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke properly. 90 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Life Saving Course – Bronze MedallionLearn how to become a Life Saver with the Bronze Medallion Course. The program is conducted by instructors certified by LSSM.1 Bronze Medallion Certificate, 1 EAR Certificate and 1 Bronze MedalCandidate Must be able to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke properly. 90 minutes /8 training sessions1 pre-test1 exam 450.00


Other Sport Courses coming soon…


For more information please call our office at EduCity 07-5095776. Opening hours for the facilities are 9:00 – 21:00 daily


EduCity Gallery


footbal stadium and running track





  1. When is the swimming pool starts open to public?
    opening hours for swimming?

  2. Swimming pool opening hours are from 9:00am till 9:00pm

  3. Is basic swimming course being offered to kids? my son is 4 yrs old

  4. To whom it may concern,
    If you are offering swimming classes to kids, what are days will it be?
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  5. Is basic swimming course still open for registration?

  6. hi, boleh saya tahu swimming lesson di nusajaya sport complex hari apa? tq..

  7. Hi, Is the basic swimming course available for 3(three) years old. Thank You

  8. Interested to know details swimming lessons for kids…4 to 7 yrs old.
    Pls send schedule n fees

  9. how much membership fees for 2 adults and 2 childrens age below 7?

  10. May I ask about entry Swimming pool price for a person in a day? Is it must take swimming course or buy swimming member?

  11. Hi,
    I am interested in taking the swimming course. I learned breast stroke, free style and back stroke. I want to learn butterfly and to improve my swimming technique. which swimming course is suitable for me?
    And what day and time do you have the swimming course?

    Thank you

  12. may i know is there any public transportation to go there?

  13. Is the swimming course available for 4 yrs old kid?

  14. HI Sir,

    I would like to inquire about the indoor basketball court, we are looking for a place to hold venue for a day of friendly match,what is the rate for full day use.players from Malaysia and Singapore is coming for this day event.

    hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You


  15. sy nak tanya tentang kelas renang untuk anak saya berumur 6thn n prefer cikgu perempuan

  16. Dear Sir,

    May I know how to apply for member and get the discount rate for indoor basketball court ?

    Your earliest response in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  17. I am interested in taking the Basic Swimming Course for me and my nephew(8yrs old). Please send me the schedule of the course and how to register, thanks.. btw, im 32yrs old.

  18. Hi sir,
    Saya nak tanya,kalau mandi wajib pakai swimming suit ke?
    Kalau pakai legging dengan jersi boleh tak?

  19. We are interested to join the Bronze membership.
    But with the membership, how many people I can bring together ? Is it only for me alone ?
    If Yes, then do you offer any membership for Family ? Let’s say family of 5 members. Tx

  20. Im interested in taking the basic swimming course…
    please provide me the schedule registration procedures..


  21. Hi, would like to know if you offer basic swimming course for 6 yo child. If you do, please send me schedule and fees for the course. Thx.

  22. Hi, im interested to join swimming class for adult. May I know the details of the class such as the requirement and time?


  23. Hello,

    Do you offer swimming lessons to younger children? My children are 4 and 6.5. Thank you

  24. Gd evening,I am interested in taking the basic swimming course for my sons(8 & 10 yrs old).please send me the details ,the fees and how to register. by the way beside swimming course still have any activity in there like Taekwondo?thank you.

  25. Hi, I’m interested in taking basic swimming course for adult . Please send me the schedule of the course and how to register. Thank you.

  26. Saya nak tanya kalau mau swimming saja per enrty how much?

  27. Hi, per entry for adults it is RM10, for children from 12 and below it is RM5 per person

  28. Gd evening,what time and day for the basic swimming lesson for age 9 to 12?by the way is there any lesson for badminton age 9 to12

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