Aquatic Courses at EduCity Sports Complex  

No. Course Description Duration RM


Basic Swimming Course – Your first steps of learning how to swim will be taught with this course. Basic Water Confidence (pool entry, Bubbling, Floating, Sculling), Breaststroke and Front Crawl (Freestyle) 60 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Advance Swimming Course – Having gone through the Basic Swimming Course you are now ready to go to the next level with our Advance Swimming Course. Which will be focusing on Backstroke, Butterfly, Starts & Finishes and Turning. 60 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Stroke correction – This course will focus on swimmers who want to improve their swimming technique for all four strokes. 60 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Open water/Tri swimming – Open Water Swimming and Triathlons getting more and more popular in Malaysia with more events yearly. We provide training for that on a weekly basis. Aquatic Skills taught Mass Starts, Sighting, Turning and Drafting to name a few.Must be able to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke decently for at least 800m.  90 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Competitive Swimming/ Educity Swim TeamC-Team – 7-9 year oldsB-Team – 10-12 year olds

A-Team – 13-17 year olds

All swimmers joining the swim team must be able to swim all four strokes.

*All swimmers must buy a yearly membership from Educity 

90 minutes/ 3 x week 150.00


Masters Swimming (18 and above)– Weekly program designed for age groupers who want a good and fun swim session with a group. Some may go for competitions some may just want a good workout in a competitive way. Focus is on all strokes and distance will be anywhere from 1km to 2km per session. Must be able to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke properly. 90 minutes/4 sessions 150.00


Life Saving Course – Bronze MedallionLearn how to become a Life Saver with the Bronze Medallion Course. The program is conducted by instructors certified by LSSM.1 Bronze Medallion Certificate, 1 EAR Certificate and 1 Bronze Medal

Candidate Must be able to swim Freestyle and Breaststroke properly.


90 minutes /8 training sessions1 pre-test

1 exam


More sport courses coming up soon…


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